Lawrence tome
“Lawrence Tome invented the hottest Chicago live music venue playing the River Shows”
Lawrence Tome never Falls. His hands have never felt Earth except to touch. When startled, Lawrence Tome dissolves into a puddle of tears. Lawrence Tome rests at the bottom of hollowtop lake in the tobacco root mountains outside of Pony Montana. Many fishermen have felt the water stir as somber melodies float up from the depths to break the surface, reaching toward the stars. A man known by most as Flint Michigan claimed to have Lawrence Tome on his line for 17 hours, 46 minutes, and 22 seconds. Repeatedly pulled into the water, Flint nearly drowned keeping hold of his rod. When he finally pulled in the line, there was a treasure map at the end of his hook. Lawrence Tome was born and raised in a Norman Rockwell painting. Lawrence Tome is the King of the Chicago River. Roots and Chords is a management company for Lawrence Tome
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