USA Tour 2024: Renowned Jazz and World Music Guitarist Enver Izmaylov Presented by Roots and Chords Music

Enver Izmaylov is one of the world's most celebrated guitarists and a pioneer of the unique guitar tapping technique, which he has mastered to create magical performances. His music is a rich tapestry of jazz, Mediterranean and oriental folklore, classical harmony, and breathtaking virtuosity. Raised in Fergana City, Uzbekistan, as a Crimean Tatar, Enver infuses his compositions with influences from Eastern, Uzbek, Tatar, Moldavian, and Bulgarian traditions. His experimental approach transforms his guitar into an array of instruments, from lute to synth, cimbalom to percussion kit, and sitar. Known for his "nonsquare" time signatures and temperamental melodies, Enver's compositions captivate audiences worldwide.

Enver Izmaylov has received numerous awards from prestigious festivals and music organizations, including the Grand Prix of the International Guitarist Festival in Lausanne and a Gold Award from the renowned Edinburgh Festival. Throughout his career, he has played with famous world and jazz musicians such as Bobby McFerrin, Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Masteloto and Tony Levin from "King Krimson", and Ivo Papazov, among many others.

In 2024, Enver Izmaylov has been invited to perform at one of the most renowned world music festivals, Jetlag. He will tour across the USA with his solo program "String Across Continents" and will also collaborate with other renowned world music acts as part of the Balkan and Klezmer Music Series.
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